Thursday, November 10, 2011

Musical Rooms

Since we moved into our house in March, I've been trying to figure out which rooms should be for what.  Initially, I picked a room on the main level for my sewing room and planned to use what was built as a TV/screen room (love the irony of this as we don't have a TV and you can see the photos below of what the room turned into!) as the playroom and schoolroom.  Since it was supposed to be a TV room, the walls are dark blue and there is no ceiling light - not ideal for a Waldorf schoolroom!  So, I moved my sewing stuff into a guest room and gave up my sewing room for a bit while I used the sewing room as a school room:

Original schoolroom
I thought it would be best to have a separate schoolroom for several reasons:
1. So Yoav wouldn't get distracted by the toys;
2. So the schoolroom would be on the same level as the outside and kitchen so we wouldn't have to go up and down stairs;
3. So kids (not mine) wouldn't "play school" with our actual school supplies.

As it turned out, Elie doesn't have the patience to listen to a full fairy tale (and I don't want him to listen anyway!), so I brought a few toys into the school room and then to avoid schlepping toys up and down, I decided it would be easier to just put the school desks in the playroom and make a combined play/schoolroom.

I solved the problem of kids playing with our school supplies by putting the supplies in a separate room - only the desks, chalkboards, and painting boards stay in the play/schoolroom.  

And without further ado, here is our new play/school room :)

Play / School Room
Play / School Room
Play / School Room

I beyond love how it is working out.  I still want to paint (hopefully Lazure paint) the walls peach and we need a ceiling lamp, but we are making do with a new floor lamp.  Elie mostly plays while we do our school stuff and Yoav loves school so much, we haven't had any issues with him being distracted.  

And, the best part of all is that I get my sewing room back.  I really missed it.  And I took our old kitchen table as a second table to use for cutting fabric, so now it's even better than it was before all the room switches ;)

Sewing Room
Sewing Room
Now to start sewing!  :)


  1. Emily,

    I am enjoying reading about your first grade journey. I can see how you are striving to connect to the material and bring a rich experience to Yoav, and it's wonderful that you are getting such positive feedback from him in that he is loving "school".

    I think that, with the drawing, it just comes with experience. When I started doing blackboard drawings I was more of a stick person artist, and I had believed it when my mother had told me that I couldn't draw. But now I feel very proud of my drawings. I doubt I could make a living from being an artist, but I enjoy the creativity, and that's the important thing. We learn alongside our children, and that's what makes it so interesting and enriching.

  2. Thank you, Cathy! I definitely started as a stick person artist, too, LOL! I'm glad to hear that you enjoy the chalkboard drawings now. I was so nervous this summer about them and already feel less scared of them after doing a few, but look forward to getting better over the years ;)